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Hi Paul.
And Thank you for such a detailed reply
And too the links.
It’s much appreciated��

looks pretty damn awesome by the way.
Great colour.
Is that British racing green?
You’ve done an excellent job��

And yes, I have access to an unused double garage
Complete with electrics, & heating,
Located on the property of a relative, Wich I’ve been welcomed to use
Until there move in a few yrs time.
So allowing Me without undue worries of relocating the build.
Plus My working hrs are ideal for such a project,
I finish 2pm wk days and Fridays off (with pay, I’m very lucky��)
Wich allows quality time with My children, and putting in
The blood sweat & tears as they say on the build.
If I can be of further annoyance.
Please feel free to reply to further questions I may I have. ��
Thanks again Paul��
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