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Originally Posted by K.C.NewbieUk View Post
Thanks for the advice C.p.
That may not be a bad solid piece of advice,
I only have one budget and one shot at doing this dream project
Only once.
And to be fair, I could do with some experience under My belt.
Thank you for your advice
No worries, I understand not wanting to try something else and just go for what you want ---- I suppose I was thinking that alot of kit builds can get 'stuck' in the build process by people taking on more than they can handle and just didn't want to think of you ending up in one of those scenarios.

my own kit took about 6 months to complete although I did get some help from a friendly mechanic as some of the work was out of my comfort zone (he did stuff in between other jobs a bit at a time) - if he's have just been working on mine alone I reckon most of the work would have been done in around 3 weeks!

but good luck in whatever you choose to build
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