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Thanks Swifty. I must admit I really do like the Salvador Blue, though I was a little skeptical when it was first ordered (Same as the Pale primrose Yellow which has now become my 'new' favourite)
We had a good meeting the other week and pencilled in some major improvements to the range. Some of which I will be putting in place straight away and others will take a little time.
The next Navigator, Turnkey 003 which now looks like this:

will have some modification to the cockpit shape along with bulkhead rake to allow the usual bucket seats to fit without restricting legroom so I will keep updating that build as it will interest future builders.

Another thought is that the current screen base design is rather 'work heavy' with fitting and filling so I'm looking for a 'bolt in' design that would still look good, fit with the period but only need slots cut into the tub to allow extensions to pass through and bolt on to the frame (not unlike the fixing for early Spitfires and MG Midgets).

As far as Customer service goes, we do try hard to keep a high level of support. We can't get it right every time but when we do get it wrong, it's a genuine mistake and we do whatever we can to put things right. We appreciate and thank you for your comments. It would be great to meet you again at Stoneleigh for a chat and a beer (or before if you fancy popping in so we can 'show and tell' with our current cars in the workshop)
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