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Thanks for the compliments guys. The dash was a task to get right and we had to source that 5.5" tacho from Australia! It's also got an 80mm Smiths classic speedo with a custom cable (Made by Speedy Cables) so isn't a layout we'd be likely to copy but looks really great as a 'One Off'

The colour is an authentic Jaguar colour from the 50's (Pale Primrose) and was chosen for precisely the reason that most of the obvious colours have been done already. Next on the line is a Triumph Salvador Blue Navigator which you will already have seen on this forum, closely followed by a Green Navigator ('Next Generation' with even more improvements to the design of body and frame which I'll explain when we get photos), but so dark it's almost black, then another Red Navigator Next Gen.

Towed, the Donor is actually a 1969 Herald 13/60 but has been uprated to a 1500cc Spitfire engine with a custom prop shaft.

Paul, I'll take more photos when the car gets back from MoT. As is our practice, it's not just an MoT but I use a garage in Preston I trust to check over all aspects before it goes including making sure everything is torqued, set up and all nylocs are in safety so it takes a day or so extra but gives me (and customer) another degree of confidence that all is well. As far as your questions:

- Bonnet hinge set up / arrangement
This one is a bit non-standard but I'll take a photo or two of it and accompany it with one of our standard set up
- Wiring route for headlights & indicators around inside of bonnet
As we use the Langy's loom which, as standard, already duplicates all wires for lights, the loom is attached to the chassis front rail and connected to the lights by short wires with bullet connectors. Photos will follow
- How do you access the mounting bolts for the side mirrors?
The mirrors are placed such as the mounting bolts are accessible from the cockpit and pass through the top skin of the scuttle (again, photos to follow)
- How is the grille mounted / fixed in place?
As we are using a lightweight grille on this car, it is simply bonded to the inside of the 'mouth' with Sikaflex
- What did you use to cover the hand brake cable?
Nothing the tunnel is a steel construction and has the donor handbrake mounting welded into it complete with tube so there is only a few inches of cable showing which doesn't get in the way and the customer is happy that it looks 'period'

More soon!
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