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Originally Posted by garyh View Post
Look forward to seeing a build thread of your own... Where's Andy 85?
The time spent working at Ribble HQ was awesome, I learnt a hell of alot and though I wasn't really apart of the building the cars (though I assisted with the heavy bits, bodies, engines, gear boxes etc) I was mainly on the Administrative side, keeping up with emails, ordering components for the builds, website redesign and website maintenance etc which took added pressure of my Dad while he was building.
I have always wanted to be a chef since childhood and a window was opened for me to do what I have always wanted to do so as my father decided to wind Ribble HQ down I jumped ship and follow a dream of mine

I am looking forward to seeing what Mike will do with the brand once he takes command, I am sure we will see more improvements with the range and hope to see some stunning builds

When the oldman took command of the Sammio range, I never thought he'd receive the support he got from you guys. I want to personally thankyou all for the cracking support you gave him and for an amazing experience.

I, as AndyP57 rightly said, will, like him, will still be around and one day will build my own Ribble Pilot I do pop online occasionally to check out the recent updates on peoples builds and see how people are progressing
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