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I wanted to do a few miles in the car over Easter and enjoy the sun shine but was plagued with teething problems.

The first problem was the brakes sticking on which after a few hours of elimination require an over hall of the brake master cylinder to rectify them.

The next was the engine as it just didn't feel right but the owner assure me the engine was tuned by his local expert so I was very reluctant to touch it but.

On inspection, I found the ignition timing was out by about 6 degrees, the carbs were running very rich and out of balance!
One jet needing 3 1/2 full turns to get the mixture some where near right.
The car now ticks over evenly, runs a lot smoother and sounds even better!!.
I am not an expert I just know how to read a spark plug, use a strobe light, use a colour tune kit and a set-up a carb balancer !!

Also I have never been happy with the steering and believed a worn track rod end was to blame.
This was changed giving some improvement but still something was wrong!
It turns out the Triumph steering column safety clamp was loose!!!!
No wonder the steering felt wrong!!!

Hopefully DVLA will sort the paperwork out soon so I can advertise it and sell it!!
In the mean time I'll try and enjoy the sun next weekend.
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