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Originally Posted by tricky360 View Post
the petrol filler in a real 250 was inside the boot, law says you can't do that anymore, I didn't want to fit an aero chrome filler as there's not much room from the original bmw filler to the new location, as one of the tribute guys ( I think smash) has had problems filling his tank with petrol

also to keep the build simple , so no tubes running fuel around the car where they shouldn't be

to keep this thread clear , I will post info anyone needs on the DNA thread , looks like I'll be busy defending myself!
I agree with what some others have already said - no defence necessary when your product is clearly well developed, appears to be a top quality moulding and just looks that good.

Trouble is that Chris and Dan have fulfilled a lot of people's dreams on this forum recently, so there's fierce loyalty to the Tribute brand amongst those who post here.

The step under the boot lid is something I would add myself if I were to build a 250 convertible as it's necessary to integrate the tall rear lights. The use of the MGB rear lights makes perfect sense to me too as they're cheap, easily available and look almost identical to the ones Ferrari used apart from the built in reflector.

The resemblance to the back of the MGB, although undeniable, at least makes it look more like the back of the real thing and less like the back of a Cobra, which, although it's a nicely resolved design in its own right, the rump on the Kalifornia does resemble.

Anyway, keep up the good work Tricky, a little competition is a good thing for us customers.

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