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I personally wouldn't buy a kit car if I was concerned over how it might behave in an accident. You just couldn't tell but would have to make a judgement call based on what you see in front of you.

I was going to see how TVR do in the NCAP ratings and take that as a guide but they don't appear to be listed.

I wouldn't have thought the likes of a Libra or 5exi would get any more than a 2 or 3 NCAP star rating, that's based on no factual basis at all, just a hunch and no amount of 'crumple zones' or 'side impact' protection bars a manufacturer might say their car has are going to be of any real use unless they can prove it's worthiness by doing various crash tests. ie a side bar might be there but is it strong enough? is it positioned right so as to not give you more of an injury than if it was not there in the first place. A manufacturer cannot matter of factly say this unless he can provide actual real life evidence.

If I wanted a safe car though I would go for a 5 star NCAP rated one. If I wanted incredible fun and driving pleasure on a budget I can afford and drive around in a beautiful car (ie cobra) then I would buy a kit car. I don't think the 2 go together and probably never will.

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