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Default Question for my next project?

I'm new to the forum and I apologize if this subjects been covered, but I have poked around for about an hour and haven't found anything. I'm planning to build a 56 corvette convertible. I'm using an 85 corvette as a donor, I plan to use a Alston tubular chassis and a pro mod fiberglass body from Suncoast racers. I can't find any info on using these bodies for anything other than drag racers though. My plan is to drive it as a roadster, and maybe occasionally hit a road track to play. I'm currently building the engine using forged pistons, stroking it out to a 383, and will be installing a turbo. I haven't decided on the carb yet but I'm throwing out the crossfire injection. This would not be my first build as I built a 23 T-bucket using a 70 torino as a donor in the early 90's. And I've done a few off body restorations. I only question if there is a reason for not using a pro mod body as they seem to be much cheaper than I've found for"kit car" bodies, or is the only downside that they will not be mistaken for an original due to the front clip coming off in place of the hood?

And to answer the question I keep getting I'm not taking apart a perfectly good vette, I found two on Craigslist for $1200, one had a blown motor, the other would not go into gear, someone tried to use two to make one and realized he couldn't figure out how to finish removing the engine. If I do not go with the pro mod body then I'll have to make another decision soon so that I'll know my wheelbase. I'll be building another as soon as this is finished as the wife wants one too.
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