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Joe - Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, this subject is unlike to have been covered, as this is predominately a UK based forum, although we do have members who live in the USA.

Still, I'll try my best to help…

Originally Posted by Joe Laughlin View Post
I'm planning to build a 56 corvette convertible
First of all, nice choice of car.

Originally Posted by Joe Laughlin View Post
I only question if there is a reason for not using a pro mod body as they seem to be much cheaper than I've found for"kit car" bodies
Generally, a pro mod body shell will be designed for drag racing and it usually in the 'spirit' of the original, not a 100% accurate replica.
( Note no grill opening, fake headlights, etc. )

They may also put the 'lightness' of the body shell ahead of a long life expectancy, so the fibreglass may be thinner.
( Which may also account for it being cheaper, as less material has been used. )

So I guess my first question is do you want it to look like an original, or just a 'cool' car to drive around and enjoy?

Do you want the car to look 'stock' or are you looking to build it in a milder 'pro mod' style?

Originally Posted by Joe Laughlin View Post
or is the only downside that they will not be mistaken for an original due to the front clip coming off in place of the hood?
Now, if I have to write 'hood' on American websites, you have to write 'bonnet' when posting over here.

Jokes aside, if you actually want it to be mistaken for an original, then you would need to modify the 'pro mod' to look the same.

In which case, you need to weigh up the time and effort of changing something vs. buying something supplied that looks how it should from the start.

Not sure that is a great answer, but I hope it helped.

Good luck, Paul.
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