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Not really a different option from your list, but might be easier to source.. like the ford, there's the Jag AJ30, which was fitted long in the S-type, but trans in the X-type and XF. Alloy block, so fairly light, and makes around 250hp. Can have issues with cylinder liners if its not been looked-after, but it's fairly common.
And again, I believe it's roughly the same as the Saab, is the GM/Vauxhall v6 from the Insignia SRi/VXR. Might be easier to find for a decent price, given that Saab closed down, but might actually be the opposite, in that no-one wants a Saab, but a lot of the parts should be interchangeable, so might just give you more to look for. Also the police use them, so you might be quite likely to find one written-off but with a fairly low mileage on the engine.
Happy hunting.

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