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Thanks for replying guys,
Firstly I think there must have been a typo in L@LM’s reply as it looked like he was suggesting putting a DIESEL engine in it..!!!
Just imagine if I go to heaven and Colin Chapman comes over and asks “so what engine did you end up putting in it?” I can see the disgust on his face when I tell him I went for a VW-Audi Diesel. “But Colin, I get 50mpg on a run”…………….come back Colin.
I can actually see the benefits but no… I just couldn’t do it.
At one point I drove a couple of 2.0TFSI VWs and we had settled on this engine and were looking to buy one. Then a drive in a Volvo S40 T5 (which I now own) changed all that. The Volvo made the VW look really sluggish by comparison.
Volvo became the new first choice but I still have a nagging doubt about turbo charging in a kit car.
So V6s. The Alfas are too expensive. GM, now there’s a thought. I have always looked passed these engines, I don’t really know why as they fit the bill and are very cheap in Signums and Vectras etc. Any idea what they go like?
The Saab has the big power figures which is what makes it attractive but I’m thinking lag again. The Jag/Ford is what I have been looking at most recently. Basically the same engine with the Jag being a little more developed with VVT etc.
My worries are that an engine from an S type is longitudinal and auto. From and X Type it’s AWD. Would the AWD box work correctly if I just disconnect the rear prop shaft or would the front axle only get some of the torque. Would the 3.0 V6 Ford box bolt straight on. Would a box from a 2.5 ford V6 fit as these really are very cheap. And in any of those configurations what would the ECU make of it all.
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