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Default internet forums

I log into a couple of forums (this and the Stratossupersite) at lunchtime and it makes a cosy sort of community. Then I visit Cakewalk and its full of professional musicians talking way over my head, Absynth users (admittedly on Yahoo) all complaining that the software crashes (so repetitive), and then sites like Girls Suck and, oh my god, you did wot?? oo, I like your picture, will u go out with me, and then today the Sulpher site - I must be getting real old, but these teenagers haven't got a brain between them. I want to go onto a forum and converse with people with brains bigger than amoebi (or is that amoebae?) and feel like I've contributed. Probably just that mid-life crisis thing.

Anyway, sorry to intrude.

Hello, anyone there?
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