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To my mind, not all 7s are made equal. There are some 7s that look much better than others.

An alternative that you might want to look into is using the 7 chassis under a different body. Take a look at the Fisher Fury, SSC Stylus or Stuart Taylor Phoenix. As far as I know, these are all developments by Jeremy Phillips of his Striker 7 styled car with more aerodynamic bodywork. Once Sylva (JPs company) sold these projects off to other companies, they've then themselves developed the cars further - the Fury is well known in the UK for it's performance on track winning the Road Going Bike championship and others many times.

The reason I'm able to reel all this off is I started off getting into the kit car arena by buying Ron Champion's book (twice in fact! ), then realised there were better looking cars out there. Went to a kit car show to decide between the Fury and the Phoenix and ended up buying a GTM Libra kit last weekend.
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