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Default rubbers, wipers and handles!

Sorry if these subjects have been covered before, Im interested how you guys have handled the seal between body and side windows i.e. around top of door to glass? Have you gone for the Mazda hardtop rubber seal or created your own, if so any ideas welcome.

Secondly, has anyone come accross replacement wipers / wiper arms in chrome as a direct swap for the standard mazda (generaly black) items.

Lastly, are people generaly sticking with the standard mx5 exterior door handles? Has anyone found anything thats a little more 'period' as a straight swap without masses of work to fit.

Im in the slightly unusual position of looking to apply some of these things retrospectively, theres lots being improved on the car on a fundamental basis e.g. chassis work, suspension etc. Theres also some things i will live with for now e.g the odd visible rivets under paint (noooooo!). Kind of wish id started from scratch but i didnt so lots of compromises this time out, theres lots to appreciate in it too though!
Im plotting a future quite ambitious build (different body) and if i proceed then it will be to an exact plan!

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