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Car Photographer - I think a slightly smaller hump might work better, stopping short of the end of the boot lid.

I think that would show off the rear curves of the body shell better, a bit like Mac's Navigator/Cordite MkII.

I have longer aero humps on my Cordite MkI.

- I absolutely love the way my boot lid cuts through the humps.
- But it was, without doubt, one of the hardest jobs I've done on my build.

If you didn't want to have two boot lids (one with a hump and one without), I'd be tempted to hinge the front of the hump.

That way it could be flipped up out of the way when required.

This 2CV Sammio extended that idea a little further and the whole boot lid hinges up too.

Actually, that idea might have been stolen from this design.

Although I could only find a photo of a toy car with the boot open.

Good luck with whatever option you choice, Paul.
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