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I think its cheap ..honestly ...
How much is an Aluminium D Type body nowadays ?
Apparently , according to Chris at Tribute , it was on a later Ferrari chassis that became desirable in its own right and has been restored back to original body status as its value exceeded the recreations one ..
That fuel tank is gorgeous too ..and not cheap !

I can also confirm that 4k wont get you a carved foam buck anywhere near ready to produce a finished body with returns and shuts etc...

If someone has 2 major components from an earlyish Ferrari kicking about or a chassis ..thats potentially a 6 figure car ..Especially if an old Z3 with a glue on kit and a few really nice touches can be valued at 80k.

Right now , its only the same money as one of my kits , if you factor in fuel tank and other bits ...and also about the same price as a Tribute kit I think its potentially a bit of a bargain for the right person ...

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