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Default Jaguar XK120 replica information needed

OK it is not our usual thing like our 246 replica but got chatting to a chap at a charity event and conversation turned to cars. It turns out he had these moulds in his barn. We had a deal and bought them. He doesn't know to much of the history but remembers working with a chap in the south west of the UK who did Karmann Ghia replicas and possibly turned out some of the XK120s. He thinks the moulds came from somewhere in Sussex where there were a lot of jeep kit cars, this would probably be around the early 1990s. Has anyone got any ideas who this would have been, I was thinking Jago, Eagle or possibly even Dutton.
Really interested in tracing the history as we are thinking of making these bodies alongside our 246 replicas as they look to be a very good replica. It was a strange meeting as we have recently passed our Karmann Ghia moulds onto Andy and Carol at Pheonix Classic Auto Panels, it is a small world.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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