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Default Bodyfit trial - initial gappin/fix

Hi guys,

small progress today, did a bit of lining up and initial fixing of the rear boot extension so I could get an idea of the gapping/lines/fix of the rear clam body. Also fitted the side sills to allow an idea of that initially.

Generally ok, maybe a bit of massaging on the sill lines, but the lines do sit evenly when asked to do so. The front clam is a little outwards, something that may be able to be pulled in as there is a bit of flex, might have to be something to live with initially until maybe some adjustments on the bracket. It will need to be spacered in places to fit where I have photographed it. - Decent starting point though!

Bodyfit trial

Bodyfit 2

Bodyfit 1

Body sill initial 2

Body sill initial 1
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