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Originally Posted by Egdik View Post
We have used the car a bit when there isn't salt on the road, but thinking of some anti-rust treatment . . .

The headlining on one side has come unstuck, so will have to remove the panel and re do.

Put it in a paint oven [about 55 degrees for 40 mins] and very little showed up of concern. We have some new seals to try around the doors. Then looking for some fibre / fill finishing and paint next year.
Good stuff Kidge, nice to see it is getting some use and keeping it active. Sorry to hear about the headlining, but there is always something in these projects that will raise its head as trouble. Sure youíll sort it.
Good to hear the paint oven hasnít unearthed too much, that is my big fear with the harshness of the nz sun is brutal and how the kit reacts and flexes is a big concern. Are the doors struggling to keep dry at the moment due the custom windows? You doing most of the prep work before paint or are you going to give that to others to have a play with? Cheers.
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