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Well I am afraid I'm going to have to eat loads of "humble pie". because I got it all wrong

This past few weeks I have been shocked at the amount of interest still remaining in the Sammio/Ribble bodies.
The little car just won't die!! Gary J must have got it right first time

Already I have taken 2 firm orders , (deposit paid ) and are both are from France.
I also have a French chap saying he wants to buy Sammio's on regular basics ( we'll wait and see on that one ).

So the bottom line is the Navigator/Cordite now has to stay in production but we just have to look at "Swiftys", "Viatron", " Paul L", build threads to know how much work is need to make it presentable on a chassis, in fact every thread has some reference to the poor shape of the body.

Andy57 and Viatron tried to make it better but time and money was against them.

After much thought, plenty of Hob-Nobs, a large overdraft and much help from Chris and Dan at TRIBUTE AUTOMOTIVE, I have decided to re-work the original buck where Viatron and Andy57 left it.
The original buck was collected today from Ribble HQ and will be delivered to Chris and Dan next week.
I am hoping the new bodies will be ready late November time but as we all know this might change

It will be called the SAMMIO SPYDER and built around the Spitfire chassis but a LWB Herald version will be available if demand is there.

The body featured in this listing will still be developed and (again hopefully) be ready for 2015 Stoneleigh show.
This will be called the "A1 ALPHA".
Again I have already sold the prototype AI ALPHA to a forum member who will have some in-put on the build.

A change in direction I know but business is all about supply and demand so while the Spyder is in demand I'll keep supplying it
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