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One of the last job to do was fitting a guard over the fan belt drive so I modified the original 2CV fan guard.

The new jet finally arrived and once fitted the car fired up and ran quite well just needs a little tuning on the carb.
When I tried to drive the car unfortunately I was unable to engage 1st or 3rd gear.
The gearbox connecting rod would not roll back far enough to engage gears so it needed to be cut, bent and re-welded.
The photo show an original gear stick and the correctly modified one.

Once this was done I drove the car out of the workshop and around the car park under it's own power.

The mirrors are not my first choice but they were hidding in the draw so they'll do for now.

Apart from the trim and paint that's all the hard work done.
Now it just waiting for DVLA to sort out the paperwork an MOT and a little "road development" and it's ready foe sale. !!

If any ones interested please PM me with an offer!!!
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