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Default Berlinetta Restoration 2015

Project Outline

I plan to make a thread up to the present time, this restoration started in June 2013, but I want to get this thread rolling from now, I don't have the time at present to go back over what I have already done, basically I have a really good rolling chassis with Cortina 3/4/5 running gear and an SD1 V8 engine with an LT77 manual gearbox. The engine is good as is the gearbox, I have to re-assemble the engine but basically all it needs is gaskets and seals.

I am moving on apace, this week I have done a multitude of 'log-jam' tasks and a couple of tasks I have been sort of dreading because I was stepping outside my experience and had nobody I could call to guide me really. I have made a new scuttle out of 1.5mm Aluminium on my English Wheel, substantially it was formed but needed trimming around the doors and fitting to the also new bulkhead, I need to make brackets and form the door opening.

I also needed to form a gearbox housing which I also made on the English wheel. It took me about 3 hours to form the flare for the clutch housing on the English Wheel and about three days to make and fit it

These and several other tasks are now completed, so I am moving to the back of the car and have mounted the fuel tank, loaded the suspension with concrete blocks and tightened the rubber bush bolts, these were loose and floppy when I stripped the car, two bolts were partly worn through and the holes in the chassis and axel mountings badly worn. All that has been rectified and the suspension is now in really good condition.

This is a photo of the gearbox cover, it doesn't look that good in the photo but it's a really good fit and nice and strong too.

This is sort of what I would like it to resemble...

Here is the chassis:

The state of progress at the start of 2015 is here, I am using a spreadsheet to keep myself organised and struck on the idea of a progress chart so I could see how I was progressing...

A question follows...

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