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Hey guys, so sorry I haven't reacted to your posts, I had set notifications on for this thread but I didn't get any? I'm a bit pressed for time right now but your input is very helpful.

In short, after trial fitting the hood I have decided to investigate raising the rear tub. I raised the floor two inches because I want to be able to 'hide' the exhaust above the bottom of the chassis to improve ground clearance. I don't want to loose that by lowering the seat into the floor, also I want to sit a little higher rather than being 'sat low' with my bum on the road. More of a Land Rover than a racer... At present the seat has no runners so that means in reality the seat is only an inch higher that it was, also my floor is now only 3mm aluminium rather than the 12mm ply which was installed when I got the car, so that has saved a little too.

I don't want a seat belt turret protruding above the 'B' post, it will be unsightly and spoil the car. While I regard function over form, there are limit's! If raising the tub works I will reinforce the 'B' post structure and raise the seatbelt top anchor at least five or maybe even six inches. A small protrusion above the top of the tub will be acceptable, maybe two or three inches, but not six or seven which is what it really needs raising.

Long term I do expect to fit a simple roll bar with two back braces but not at this stage.

This will give me quite a lot more room in my boot and raise the profile of the car, which for me is good. It's very easy to achieve and low cost. <vbg>
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