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Default Is the IVA going to stopped ?

Hi all, i must have the best wife in the world, i have a large work area to mess with cars but non of it is or can be built on. So T has said i can convert the conservatory into a garage and extend it into the workshop o have behine id to give me a large work area of 22 x 10 with side room for a work bench etc

Now before i go and to decide on a build, i wanted to go and to a buld from scratch, and a 4x4 type, although not that bothered, but what i ma bothered about is if by time i have bult it will the IVA still be around as i have heard it is going to be changed to such a thing it will be even more difficult to get a car legal, not as if it is hard as it is.

If i can find out roughly when it will be changed it will help me decide what to build as the 4x4 will be a long time project towards a kit car build as it will be a one off.

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