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More Stripping and some Welding (of sorts)

Hey you lot, Well this weekend gone I managed to remove the convertible roof and start welding the wire frame that will make the basic shape of the car.

The convertible roof was easy enough to remove, only three nuts each side and some wiring then un-clip the hydraulic hoses and off it pops! But my god it's heavy! The rear of the car is about an inch higher now it's gone!

Rear bumper is pretty much all that's left to remove from the back of the car.


I was too excited to try out my new MIG welder, so the next job was to start making the framework that will become the rough base for the cars shape.

Now you have to remember I've never welded before and I'm sure the following pictures will horrify and upset those of you who can weld and know intricate art of welding correctly!

It's messy and not even remotely perfect but it's solid and will do great for my needs.

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