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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
Ha ha, not an age thing in my case, I've wanted one since I was nineteen.

I built my Spyder as a result of not being able to afford a 356 Speedster kit and the experience I gained from building it gave me the confidence to buy a neglected Speedster body shell and do the rest myself.

Will be updating again in a few days - for reasons I'll explain then my dash mould is taking longer to get right than expected.
lol that's what I meant sort of ,my first car @17 a VW beetle CRB618L I rebuilt it so many times and change the colour 4 times .it was my mums car she wrote it off in an accident and I put it back on the road after passing my test. always wanted a 356 porsche but could never afford a real one. been a DINK I can now make some of my childhood dreams come true
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