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Thanks guys, I'm glad you like what I'm doing.

I've watched Ford vs Ferrari during the lockdown and did notice that Speedster and it looked great.

I'm a little surprised it was a Miata in a party frock - the Mazda wheelbase is seven inches longer (ironically only 3mm different to the Banham New Speedster body I started with before I shortened the doors) and the track is six inches wider, so the car would look very big if it was parked next to an original, a bit like a BMW Mini parked next to a proper one.

It did look fine on screen, though, but then people and things can look bigger or smaller when they're filmed - Tom Cruise always looks six-foot plus in his movies as do Ben Stiller and Arnie (The Governator), but they're all famously short-arses, and Father Ted spends most of an episode explaining the difference between 'small' and 'far away' to Father Dougal.

I'll be making some more progress over the weekend so I'll post another update then.
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