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And I've just noticed that the red Speedster driven by Matt Damon also has a rear deck cover and head fairing -

(image sourced here - )

Looks pretty good to me.

One thing I've noticed is that the rear deck covers I've seen fitted to Speedsters often run straight across between the rear of the door openings. I trial fitted my seats in position (when I was assessing whether my madcap Spitfire/Speedster plan was feasible), and found that my back will encroach a couple of inches into the rear space behind the doors if I'm to get a comfortable driving position.

For that reason I've set the front edge of my deck back about 80mm (it'll have padded trim added), but I did initially include curved 'horns' either side so the deck cover extended to meet the door openings. I recently cut those off because they were visibly not symetrical, but I see from the image above that Matt Damon's car has that feature - the front edges of the deck cover meet the door tops but the cover then curves back to allow the driver and passenger more space. It looks that good that I think I'll give those horns another go.

Oh, and you can see from the fact that Matt's Speedster isn't dwarfed by the Yank Tank parked behind it that it's clearly much bigger than the genuine article.

There's another famous movie that uses a 356 Speedster, Top Gun. Kelly McGillis drives this black one, which must also be a replica as it's clearly only 2/3rds scale because it only comes up to Tom Cruise's waist and it should Tower over him...

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