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Week 7, weekly progress report ...........

Lots of bits and pieces this week....

Firstly, I've finished renovating the Sierra heater box. The flaps have been de-rusted, painted and relined with foam.

Heater box by marlinpeter, on Flickr

I've also acquired from eBay a complete control unit in perfect condition. The Sabre dashboard is designed to take this mechanism, so now I have a fully complete and functional heater and de-mister unit.

Heater Control by marlinpeter, on Flickr

I'm currently working on connecting the Servo to the brake pedal and have bought theses parts to help.

Servo Linkage by marlinpeter, on Flickr

I've also managed to garb a bargain M52 gearbox from a scrapyard in Stevenage. Here it is in the cleaning tank.

Gearbox by marlinpeter, on Flickr

I managed to get the guys to include the gear selector, stick and chassis mounting bracket The gearbox will be used for more proof of concept work before committing to a new engine.

This weeks plan is to finish cleaning up the gearbox and fettling the pedal box.....

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