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Default dna 60's style new model

some info for you guys..
late last year there was an article in a kit mag about dna offering a design/ build service , come with an idea or a sketch and they can make it for you,
spoke to dna at a show a couple of months later and we agreed to do something
I like the old style ferraris , to me they are more timeless in design and you get a bit more acceptance from other car enthusiast than a modern car with a poor performance

my budget was strict so we banded about ideas and we settled on a Ferrari 250 California, ( ferris beuller car )

there was obvious constrictions,
1. the U.K. rules for cutting up a car
2. a single doner
3. my budget
so what evolved is the photos above so far, it's based on a bmw z3, reasons being

1. availability world wide
2. loads available cheaply , well in the uk anyway, I paid 800 for my doner car
3. range of engines from 1.9 - 3.0
4. tuning options are vast with aftermarket products a plenty

it was going to be a one off car for me only but as we went along interest was gathering and dna asked if I would sell kits
DNA were keen to try out new methods of producing and moulding cars which I was happy to let them get on with what they know best
using the new methods cut down the time by months so will make the cost of the kits to be the cheapest entry level DNA
and still get dnas excellent panels and fit and finish
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