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Tribute car is back on Ebay as an auction now.

From what I understand DNA can't keep up with orders, I'm not surprised.

DNA's other kits are obviously very good quality but there is always that stigma that it's a copy. It's like admitting you can't afford the real thing so have a copy.

With the 2fifty, who has the odd 15 million for a real one? even if I did I just couldn't warrant spending that sort of cash on it. If I did have one everyone would be asking who's kit it was and picking out bits that were wrong!

Having a copy of an almost unobtainable classic doesn't have the same feeling of "fake", I thing this is why the classic Ferrari's, Cobra's and GT40's are so popular and also much more acceptable.
I can see DNA getting even busier and which them luck on such a great product.
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