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Originally Posted by smash View Post
Just declined 20k (from Reading?). Removed offers. Reset price 24,995.

Let's see..
Yes that was me! I think that was a good bid. And its cash, not promised, p/ex real world.
Yes everyone will tell you its cheap, if its cheap why do they not buy it? Its only cheap if someone has the cash to buy it.
You must take into account
You have missed the season, unless you keep it till next Easter?
The interior is mainly stock
No badges
My 3.0 demonstrator with partial interior made 23000

Why would I want to buy it? I dont want it to sell on. I really miss my Kali. I thought I would like the Koupe but its official Im a convertible guy. I could build one for half the money but thats not likely with all the work we have on.

Bear me in mind if it does not sell.
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