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Default you've been shafted

If you read all the posts on driveshafts it changes direction constantly on the best setup.
I understood that the turbo model used 220 driveshafts, turbo or normally aspirated are the same I think.
I had a problem in the early stages of the long shaft popping out of the inner joint, the cure was thought to be to fit a longer shaft (diesel). This cured the popping out but the real problem was I needed to move the engine further to the right. I only found this problem out after breaking the left hand cv outer cage during hard cornering. The problem is if you fit the longer diesel shaft on the right it tightens the angle of the left hand shaft which is already at it's limit. If it requires modifying engine mounts to move engine across further then do it. I have about 10mm clearance between timing cover and chassis rail and I might even try and reduce this even further.
I also have a stabiliser rod from gearbox to chassis to prevent engine rotating too much and straining the shafts even more.
I still have a problem in that an annoying vibration at 25-35mph under load, I am sure this is due to the angle of the short driveshaft but I'm not certain. I think getting the engine location right for the driveshafts is paramount and would advise all builders to make sure that they use the maximum space available to have the engine as far to the right as possible.

Good Luck
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