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Angry The Goodwood revival Parking Debacle who was there?

hands up who witnessed the utter Revival Parking calamity at the weekend? for those who did not go I went in my D type with my wife driving the Ferrari 860 Monza. We were met with the same idiot agency parking attendants as last year fresh from parking the Range rover at the recent Millwall v West Ham football game(that was made up). Still an idiot though.

Once i got there i explained to the guy we were to be parked in the Tax exempt area only to be told sorry you cant drive the remaining 50 yards on the road and turn right but you have to drive across the what was now looking like a ploughed public parking area. I explained that my D type had only a couple of inches of clearance re the exhaust where upon the moron shrugged his shoulders.

Thanks to this idiot i dragged my exhaust the whole length of the public mud bath and guess what on the way home at 10pm the exhaust came adrift on the M20. Two hrs later and the purchase of a tow rope i managed to lash it underneath so i could get home. To make matters worse what ever that hideous orange crap they tried poorly to cover the main thorough fares with must have some kind of corrosive element as it took off all the polish off both vehicles so i would urge anyone who had this on their cars to wash it off urgently. I have e/mailed Goodwood advising them of this joke but now with the event being such a money spinner no doubt it will end up in the bin. The simple solution would be if they were no so greedy would be if they are so obsessed with pushing all the classic cars through the public area to lay the metal panels down on the main routes as they do in the tax exempt area then job done. If anyone else suffered this fate i urge you to also e/mail them they need to listen!! K
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