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Originally Posted by Nubodi Automotive View Post
Nah they were conning you.
Balanced wheels are balanced wheels

Dont let them tell you 5gms is ok, it has to be 0. Also they always try and get away with only balancing the front, make sure they do all four
Very true. Lots of 'tyre fitters' try to cut corners..... why not just do a good job? The most infuriating was when I wanted the trailer wheels for my Quantum folding caravan balanced. Most places said "they're only small they don't need balancing". No amount of my saying 'but the car shakes only when I'm towing the caravan' or 'yes they're small, but it makes little difference, if they're out of balance and revolving faster' or 'it's a rotating part it needs to be balanced' would convince them. Then I found one (old school) guy who did them in a few minutes, and problems solved! Don't get me started about the guy who put 2 new front tyres on my Wife's Fiat and 'tried 3 times' to balance them! Then 2nd garage did them first attempt.
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