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With a large garage and good mechanically minded mate then you shouldn't have too much to worry about.
The build manual (if it is still the same as mine from a few years ago) is very detailed and the mechanical parts of the kit are of excellent quality with everything fitting together really well. They even detail how to set up the suspension geometry for perfect caster, camber and bump steer - took me about an afternoon to get mine to the point where my bump steer was barely detectable even using a 2m long straight edge clamped onto the hubs!
If you do come across a problem or are just unsure of anything the support from Phantom is first class.
As to overall cost it very much depends on how much you are going to do yourself.
Because the kit is fairly comprehensive there arn't a huge amount of donor parts to source so the biggest unknown is painting and triming. If you can spray and trim yourself I reckon you could probably get on the road for under 17,000. Factor in spraying and triming by others though and you could be up to 20,000+. If you put the effort in though the finished result is fantastic, most people won't believe it is a kit.
Mine ended up at aprox 25,000 but it's not standard by a long way. Extras on mine over the kit included turbo 1500, twin plate rally clutch 600, 6 pot brakes 1,000, SPA dash 750, Omex ECU + mapping 1,200 and non-standard drive shafts 600. The reason for all the extras was because I had recently had a test drive in a Noble M12 and thought it was fantastic but at 55,000 new or 40,000+ second hand at the time just too expensive for me. So when I saw the Phantom I thought I would make my own, there wern't many Nobles about then (still arn't) but the Phantom was rarer again by at least a factor of 10 and much much pretier.
So if you take exclusivity and beauty into accout the overall cost looks like a bargain to me.
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