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Hi all,

First time on the forum and Iíd appreciate some guidance on vehicle registration. Iíve read a lot on this but Iím trying to understand the subtleties of how it would be applied on my potential project.

I already own a suitable donor car for the kit car project Iím considering. It has a cool number plate which Iíd like to keep (itís only 6 digits, so would look better than a random 7 digit plate assigned by the DVLA).

The car Iím planning to build would not use the donorís chassis or main structure, but it will use several major components, so I would be expecting to receive an Ďage related plateí.

Is there any way I can transfer my donors plate to the completed kit car? The donor car is currently on SORN without an MOT, so would the following laborious process work?

1) Repair the donor car sufficiently for it to scrape through an MOT.
2) Put the donor registration on a Retainer.
3) Get a random period plate issued on the donor
4) Build the kit taking lots of photos to prove the year of the donor.
5) When complete, get DVLA to issue a random age related plate to the kit car.
6) Transfer the original Retained plate from the donor onto the kit car.

Would this work or is there an easier way?

Is stage 6 even allowed? (i.e. replacing an allocated age related plate with an alternative from the same year or earlier?)

Assuming there isnít a way to keep my existing plate (and Iíd prefer an age related plate to a Q plate) does the donor car need to have an MOT when I start the process, or does it just need to be on the DVLA database?

Many thanks
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