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Hi David,

I've had a quick look at the Hawk 289 kit, which (unfortunately) leads to a few more questions…

If you are not planning to use the donor car's engine & gearbox, then the list of remaining "major components" is small.
- Suspension (front and back)
- Axles (both)
- Steering assembly

Note: Using both axles counts as one component, not two.

The key is these must be "original" and the Hawk website talks about "modified" suspension.

However, if I’ve understood the following links correctly, there may be some good news.
( Assuming you can use two original major components. )

Your Hawk couldn’t have the donor’s registration, but could get an age related plate.
( The donor car's V5C may also be required as proof of age in addition to photos. )

Your donor’s registration number could be retained without an MOT, if already SORN.
( Although it is not clear if your donor gets a different reg. number at this point. )

So the idea of transferring the registration from the donor to the kit may be possible.

The key point here is to ensure you know how the kit car will be registered before you start.

As there appears to have been some confusion in the DVLA recently about the 8 point rule and "historics".

Which leads to a final question about the age of your donor car.

The advice on "Rods 'n' Sods" is that you should ensure your car is switched from PLG to Historic before anything else happens.
( Assuming that this hasn't been done already. )


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