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They had such a great idea and like many Kit manufacturers they do all the hard work with nearly getting the shape right then miss all the finer details. If they wanted to sell these they should have got a passed IVA model (clients) on the stand ripped out the hideous interior, door hinges pin hole roundels. I have an 860 Monza Ferrari replica which i attend Le mans, Laon, Jersey, Goodwood , Silverstone etc whilst no where near as bad as these it too needed sorting. Correct Interior, exhaust, (right size roundels small ones look so poor) If you are going to love a 1950's looking car then make it look like one it drives me mad. If he had concentrated on doing the above i am sure the market for these would be really good as people are looking to buy the classic looking sports cars which are getting harder and harder to find but exactly that! they are looking for that classic look not the interior and comfort of an MX5. Great having reliability yes under the skin but not the other mod cons.
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