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Originally Posted by molleur View Post
Not for me!
I think they are workable ...for me , if you choose a car to replicate , then you are setting yourself up for criticism if its not accurate or you have been flexible in design to accommadate modern regs etc... but this is an ongoing issue that won't go away with new testing processes....I think he has done well to get a retro styled kit through the IVA , as I think its aimed at stopping retro styled cars , Hot Rods etc. primarily ... ...I echo everything said above , ditch the horrible IVA'able bits after the test in the same way the Cobra guys etc do ...- the right accessories and they stand a chance ...the biggest issue I have with them is the small wheel arches combined with smallish wheels as opposed to the original cars 16'' wires and huge arches...They are very wide when compared with an original too ...but so are all the Aston offerings in this catagory as they use Jag axles mostly ...when you stand next to an original they are quite skinny ...

There is potential to make them great little cars ...but they just need that bit of help ...hopefully whoever takes them on ...and I would love to be let loose on them ..will take them down the right path ...

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