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I finally got around to doing a bit more on the car I fitted a mesh grill just cut to shape and glued in with a hot glue gun.

But as usual it was one step forward and three back. whilst trying to bleed the brakes again I noticed that a wheel was loose so I had to check them all the two offside wheels are not tightening up out with the vernier the wire wheel adapters are 2mm longer and the threads are 2mm sorter than the n/s ones s##t i could turn them down a bit but there is no way I could cut the thread (8 tpi left hand thread) so I bit the bullet and sent for a set of new ones $$$$$
then I discovered this.

the threads on the stub axle are shot I don't have accesses to a press so I bought a pair of rebuilt ones.

Almost fully fitted. when the new wire wheel adapters arrive I will have to fit decent wheel spacers instead of the universal ones I have at the moment, lots more $$$ doh.
that's it buy for now.
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