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Originally Posted by Thurcroft flyer View Post
", have a break, come back and change things etc, and when it goes wrong slam the garage door, and go to the will know yourself nothing seems to happen on the build as you tinker away, and then it seems to all come together rather quickly, and before you know your on the road."
Welcome, Thank you I have just realised why I never got around to build the Ribble and why it has took me so long to sort Vitesse chassis for the Miglia:-
1. The Mrs finding me jobs to do
2. The pub (although this is a very good place to contemplate ideas, just don't go on eBay on your return home!!!!)

But just think how nice it will be to travel to the pub in the summer, have one pint and travel back. I personally can't wait. #

Good luck and luck forward to seeing your build.
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