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Default Fuel filler - Final location

Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
I think it will spoil the clean lines of the car having it sticking out that far. Could you set it in half way at least ?
Very difficult without getting into the chassis needing being cut to accomodate - see below the only way I could get it to fit.

Originally Posted by molleur View Post
Not the best location (albeit, a little easier to connect).
Put mine on the top of the rear wing, recessed, as close to the door as decent. Had to segment and weld up pipe sections as needed to make the bends . No issues filling.
Thanks Molleur that looks really smart and stylish - appreciate the pictures.

Originally Posted by Egdik View Post
Farina was so keen on keeping the lines clean, that he put the filler in the boot.

The standard Z3 flap cover is quite discrete.
Fully understand Kidge, good thing for me is I am keeping away from a replica and now am fully into the "homage project". It does get in the way of the lines but hopefully you will see below what I have settled on as a compromise at least!

Measured and measured tonight and there was only a few locations that it could go with being able to get a 90 deg bend on the filler and out of the way of the chassis structure. This was the best and looked the least "out there" so picked this. I like it, no offence taken if anyone doesn't but I have made the best of a tight situation. Have lined it up centrally with hub of the rear wheel. Will have a small scalloped flat shelf to sit on once glassed/changed.



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