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Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
WelshKiwi Given the rules you have to follow, I think you are doing the right thing with the filler cap.

If anything, rather than try to blend it in with the body work, perhaps you should make it stand out more?

Sorry these photos are not great, but there were the first ones I could find.

Id be tempted to add a full metal surround to make it look more like something bolted on.

Good luck, Paul.
Hey Paul thanks for these photos, I will certainly look into that as it might be a good feature to supplement the look. Good news is just saw the cert guy and he is happy with filler position both external and under shell proposed pipework. Got some Mocal fuel elbows coming from Demon Tweeks and have the continental (Contitech) fuel tube ready.
Also caught up with the exhaust guy, he is all ready to go in the next month when I get the rear body position finalised and bonded on. We are planning the ansa style 4 sloped tips and noise up to the 95db allowed. Break in to the pipes at the rear of the cat. Really pumped now to get this thing going!
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