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Default More progress today - backend wiring and tidying

Managed a good few hrs on the car today, primarily wiring extensions and conduit work as well as manufacturing brackets for the rear body lower arch support. It was nice to start putting bits back in the car and making visually some changes.
Now know exactly how I am going to brace and support/fix/bond the rear body on so will photo that as I do it. The angle of the rear body doesn't match the angle of the boot extension so I need to do a bit of fibre-glass build up to get those to match and support nicely. The boot extension also doesn't sit on the boot line rear very well either so I will scarf and re-glass that to build it up and that will sort that out.
Good news with the front window frame/roof support - That now fits nicely and when I put the rear body back on the forward roof line is now correct - Happy days but would have been better first time around!

A couple of pics of the boot wiring extensions and conduit/earth bus fitted.



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