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Default A few bits on the back-end fixing

Originally Posted by Barber View Post
Good work chap, keep it up and you will soon be able to take it for a drive.
Thanks Barber, can't wait for "d day"

For anyone yet to do the backend or a project and just looking at what is involved here is a bit on my decisions on fixing the backend structure. Can't guarantee it will all work yet but will post my success or fail anyway!

The rear body fixing will be:

- Front screen top frame bond (with possible U Brackets on Roll cage, but not looking likely)

- Side brackets (as pictured blanks for size/form) will be bonded to the outer skin (with strengthening embedded in them) and bolted to the car brackets with a rubber dampener.

- Lower arch brackets have been fabricated (as pictured) and will be attached to a bolt coming through from the boot area. Will be attached to the lower wheel arch on body in some fashion to stop lower "flapping" with rubber dampening.

- Standards fixings @ B pillar in door area

- Screw and Bond to boot extension sides and rear areas

- Bond to parcel shelf (which is attached to roll bar cross member and car original roof rear surface.

Rear arch side bracket form for fabricating final bracket

Rear arch lower bracket connection (bend galv steel riveted together and galv sprayed).
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