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Unhappy More Stromberg Woes

Following on from my May 5th post, I'd bought and fitted new diaphragms from Canley, which were clearly of much better quality than the ones I was discarding. Whilst giving everything a good clean, I'd noticed that I'd fitted one of the jet O rings in the wrong groove. I'd committed this schoolboy error at least three years ago and it was clearly at least partly responsible for my inability to ever get the beast to run to my satisfaction. I bought a replacement one as the guilty item was damaged, but only found time to fit it on Friday, in anticipation of this weekend's motor sport marathon.

Once everything was back together I started her and she ran beautifully, except that the throttle wouldn't return far enough for idle. Slackening the cable proved ineffective so I gave up in disgust, deciding to use the Lotus instead.

Anyway, yesterday's sortie was to 'La Vie En Bleu' at Prescott. The Lotus behaving perfectly: it's a joy to drive with oodles of power and great handling. Parking at this event is in an adjacent field rather than the usual orchard as it gets very busy. From there I took this shot as the Severn Valley Railway's steam locomotive passed in the valley with much tooting.

Wandering over the bridge to the paddock I came across this old friend.

I'm not really a Ferrari fan but this engine certainly caught my eye.....

Despite the plethora of drool worthy high performance machinery, for me the cars of the event were this Panhard and a distinctly 'Moss Monaco' Austin Seven special.

Regards, Mick
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