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Default New possible builder...?


I'm presently in the market to buy a kit-car, and I'm very interested in a 5EXI. I've read through a number of the threads on this site, the WKC build guide, and scanned a few articles on the 'net. Generally it seems the 5EXI has been very well received, with a good logical build, and help readily on hand from Marlin should it be necessary.

I'm yet to visit the factory, which might well seal the deal if the demo cars are as good as I hope they'll be. In the meantime I'm trying to find info on the Civic Type-R builds, as it's pretty scarse on the 5EXI site. Is there anyone on this forum currently building a type-R powered car? I'm assuming the addition of the type-r engine is a fairly modular affair (engine, 'box, ecu - which is somehow tied into the R200 bits 'n' bobs), and would be grateful for some information on this. The reason I'd like to go the type-r route is I'd prefer an NA car for track work, though I concede the vetec transition is vaguely analogous to a turbo kicking in, thus not quite as driveable as a "pure" NA engine.

Out of curiousity, I'm in Wimborne, Dorset; am I near any 5EXI owners / builders? I've been given some local(ish) contact numbers by Terry Matthews, but I'm yet to get in touch - just wondering if the same people visit this forum...

As a final question, those of you with completed cars, which insurer are you using, and what sort of premium are you paying? I'm 26, which I'm guessing won't do me any favours premium wise.

I look forward to your replies.


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