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Default Re: New possible builder...?

Originally Posted by Strolls
I'm in a similar position to yourself - I've never built a kit car before and am very intrigued by the 5exi.

If & when you do visit the factory, ask some probing questions about the "build manual". Marlin's 5exi website is extremely slick and the kit seems to be targeted towards folks building their first kits, but the marketing doesn't mention that the "build manual" is just a bunch of digital photos on CD-ROM and a 4 page Word document.

I don't think this significantly affects my own enthusiasm for a 5exi, but I'm sure one of the independent reviews you can download from the 5exi site raves about the quality of the manual - if I'd paid good money for the kit and was surprised to find such limp documentation I'd be fuming about it.

I'm surprised this hasn't had more comment in these forums, but the more prospective customers who raise the matter with Marlin the more incentive they have to improve things.

The build CD was described to me by Mark at Marlin, when I visited at the weekend. I was told there are many pictures, and step-by-step text. I suspect what you assertained is accurate.

As for the car.... well it looks like it would be a lot of fun, it looks refreshingly different to a 7-esk car, and the rear end is definitely improved by the rear diffuser option.

As far as the type-r engined one goes, there isn't one on the road yet. Apparently Mark is waiting for a little electronic box of tricks to be made to fool the type-r ecu's immobiliser and a few other issues, and he's also trying to get a decent price sorted for bespoke driveshafts to suit the type-r.
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